Popular social game makers – N-Games is bringing out the second game of the Pocket Ninja Series. For those who did not get addicted to the original, here’s a little excerpt -The Pocket Ninja games are totally based on the Japanese Manga – Naruto. It’s the No.1 ranked manga and anime series and one of the most sought-after in today’s gaming world. The game will be released as a free app on Facebook so anyone with a Facebook account can just log-in and start playing. You can also download the app onto your mobile phone and play on it too (there goes my office boredom…

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1.Download this tool absolutely free
  2. When you download open the tool
Then type your email in Enter your Facebook Email.
Now in Adder Options choose fallowing hacks:Level Hack(instant level boost),Add Ryo (up to 100K at once),, Add Gold,Add Chakra.When its done press Add now,and wait couple seconds for hacking services,and bypassing payment process when its done log on into your account,start the game and items should be added!
3.Game is in Closed

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4 Responses to Pockie Ninja 2 Social Ultimate Hyper Hack Tool [Free Download]

  1. laperraleng says:

    Excellent share.

  2. elstatroomscont says:

    Man, should be quite useful if it works, thank you so much!

  3. unexenna says:

    Thank you so much! just tried it and got the automated machine and it worked!

  4. detutupo says:

    I just installed this to my computer and it�s running right now! I thought at first it would not work but it works!